Applying Highway Safety Manual to Georgia

Project Description: 

This report examines the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) from the perspective of applying its methods and approaches within the state of Georgia. The work presented here focuses specifically on data requirements and methods that may be of particular focus in the implementation of HSM methods by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).The report reviews the current status of implementation of HSM methods by other states, based on both extended interviews with selected states as well as a brief survey that targeted all states. Excluding Georgia, forty-three states provided either complete or partial responses to the survey. Selected reports regarding HSM implementation are also briefly reviewed. An example case study of an HSM application from Georgia (special freeway pavement markings) is provided to illustrate safety effectiveness evaluation and the application of crash modification factors.  The report concludes with short- and intermediate term recommendations for Georgia DOT regarding implementation of HSM methods to improve road safety in Georgia.  

Final Report

Applying Highway Safety Manual to Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

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