NCTSPM Newsletter: June 2013

Welcome to our June 2013 newsletter, with updates on the latest research and activities at the National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management (NCTSPM).



Wall of Wind research for safer highways through new VMS standards (Florida International University) - Variable Message Signs (VMS) are the cornerstones of ITS infrastructure. This study is developing accurate drag coefficients to foster safer and more economic design of VMS structures.
  Synthesis of Visibility Detection Systems (University of Central Florida) - Visibility is a critical component to the task of driving on all types of roads. This project provides an overview of the best practices of fixed visibility systems at areas of recurrent dense fog and mobile systems for seasonal visibility reduction for areas of predicted seasonal fog or smoke from wildfires.
Work Zone Safety (Georgia Tech) - Work zones can be dangerous, confusing environments for drivers. A daily-driven road can suddenly have an unfamiliar traffic pattern delineated by a sparse and sometimes inconsistent configuration of temporary traffic control devices. This research project at Georgia Tech is studying driving environments in order to improve work zone safety.



PI Profile: Dr. Kari Edison Watkins hails from Detroit, MI. As a teenager, she spent time in Germany as an exchange student: “Going to Germany raised my awareness about how transportation can work; it was the big moment, when I realized I wanted to pursue civil engineering.” (Read more)


Student Profile: Aaron Greenwood
Civil Engineering is in Aaron’s blood. “My dad is a civil engineer --- same as my grandfather, uncle, and 4 cousins. We joke sometimes that we could start our own consulting firm!” (Read more)



K-12 Summer Camps NCTSPM is partnering with Chamblee Middle School in Georgia to conduct two summer camp sessions  for middle and high-school students: "Advanced App Development with Transportation Systems Engineering" and "LEGO Robotics & Transportation Systems Engineering."

Research symposium hosted by UCF NCTSPM researchers presented their work at a recent symposium at UCF in February 2013.


Southeast UTC Regional Conference The first annual University Transportation Centers (UTC) Conference for the Southeastern Region was held in Orlando, FL in April 2013.



Seminars at FIU and GT
March seminars: 
  • Travel Time Reliability: Network-Level Characterization and System Management Implications - Hani S. Mahmassani
  • What We Can't Observe: Accounting for Latency in Joint Models of Activity-Travel and Location Choice Behavior - Ram M. Pendyala
  • The PECAS Model of Atlanta - John E. Abraham
Click here to see a full listing.

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