Consortium Member: Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the world’s premier research universities. Ranked seventh among U.S. News & World Report’s top public universities, the Institute enrolls 21,000 students within its six colleges. Georgia Tech is the nation’s leading producer of engineers as well as a leading producer of female and minority engineering PhD graduates. Georgia Tech ranks among the nation’s top ten universities (without a medical school) in research expenditures. Georgia Tech is home to the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, an applied research center created to help society achieve a sustainable, equitable, superior quality of life through effective planning, policy, and design. It is also the lead university for the Georgia Transportation Institute.


Building Construction Faculty

  • Baabak Ashuri  Assistant Professor, Director, Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment (ESBE) Lab 404-385-7608
    Expertise: Innovative Project Delivery Systems (Design-Build, CMGC, & Public-Private Partnerships), Construction Cost Analysis & Forecasting, Economic Decision Analysis, Energy-efficient green buildings, Risk Management, Investment Analysis under Uncertainty (Real Options Analysis), Capital Budgeting & Project Finance, Infrastructure Asset Management . Full Bio


Civil Engineering Academic Faculty

  • Adjo Amekudzi Kennedy Associate Chair of Global Engineering Leadership and Research Development, Professor 404-894-0404
    Expertise: Infrastructure Management, Asset Management, Sustainability Planning and Evaluation. Full Bio
  • Laurie Garrow  Associate Professor 404-385-6634
    Expertise: Travel demand modeling, discrete choice modeling, air traveler behavior, public transportation, revenue management. Full Bio
  • Randall Guensler  Professor 404-894-0405
    Expertise: Transportation planning, vehicle activity monitoring, air quality modeling, environmental impact assessment, and environmental policy analysis. Full Bio
  • Michael Hunter  Associate Professor, Director of National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management (NCTSPM) 404-385-1243
    Expertise: Traffic science and engineering, specializing in adaptive signal control, traffic simulation, freeway geometric design, and arterial corridor operations. Full Bio
  • Laurence Jacobs Associate Dean, Professor 404-894-2771
    Expertise: Quantitative nondestructive evaluation of civil engineering materials, Wave propagation in solids, emphasizing guided waves, nonlinear methods and heterogeneous materials, Signal processing techniques applied to nondestructive evaluation, Development of acoustic sensors for condition monitoring of structural components. Full Bio
  • Lawrence Kahn Professor Emeritus 404-894-8021
    Expertise: Structural concrete and masonry, High performance concrete for prestressed concrete bridges, Self-compacting concrete, Repair and rehabilitation of bridges and buildings, Earthquake resistant design and retrofit. Full Bio
  • Kimberly Kurtis  College of Engineering Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Scholarship, Professor 404-385-0825
    Expertise: Nano/microstructure, properties, and durability of cement-based materials; development of novel methods for multiscale characterization of infrastructure materials; high performance concrete; fiber-cement composites; applications of nondestructive evaluation methods to cement-based materials. Full Bio
  • Jorge Laval   Associate Professor 404-894-2360
    Expertise: Traffic flow theory, numerical solution methods and simulation of traffic flow models, queuing theory in transportation and dynamic congestion pricing. Full Bio
  • John Leonard   College of Engineering Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Associate Professor 404-894-3482
    Expertise: Technology policy in transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic operations and planning, traffic engineering and design, transportation safety, traffic modeling and simulation. Full Bio
  • Terry Sturm   Professor 404-894-2218
    Expertise: Hydraulic engineering, open channel flow resistance, compound channel hydraulics, sediment transport, erosion control at construction sites, scour around bridge abutments, cohesive sediment re-suspension. Full Bio
  • James Tsai  Professor 404-385-6424
    Expertise: Pavement/infrastructure/asset system engineering and management, pavement technology, information and sensor technology applications, image processing and recognition applications, geospatial analysis and GPS/GIS applications, emergency response and roadway safety, logistics and optimization. Full Bio
  • Yang Wang   Associate Professor 404-894-1851
    Expertise: Structural health monitoring and damage detection; Decentralized structural control; Smart materials and structures; Wireless sensor networks; Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. Full Bio
  • Kari Edison Watkins   Assistant Professor 206-250-4415
    Expertise: Pavement/infrastructure/asset system engineering and management, pavement technology, information and sensor technology applications, image processing and recognition applications, geospatial analysis and GPS/GIS applications, emergency response and roadway safety, logistics and optimization. Full Bio


Civil Engineering Research Faculty

  • Angshuman Guin   Senior Research Engineer 404-894-0171
    Expertise: Intelligent transportation systems, freeway traffic operations, transportation safety, simulation. Full Bio
  • Michael Rodgers   Principal Research Scientist 404-385-0569
    Expertise: Statistical and econometric analysis of vehicle emissions data, laboratory and field measurements of gaseous and particulate pollutants, instrument inter-comparison and quality assurance, vehicle emission rate modeling and model integration, remote sensing and instrumented vehicle work, and policy analysis. Full Bio
  • Frank Southworth  Adjunct Principal Research Scientist 404-894-0171
    Expertise: Transportation planning methods, freight and passenger demand and supply modeling, sustainable transportation systems and their supply chains, land-use transportation interaction, energy efficient urban form, public transit system planning and cost-bene fit analysis. Full Bio
  • Wonho Suh Research Engineer
    Full Bio
  • Ann Xu   Research Engineer II 404-894-0171
    Expertise: Sustainability and transportation, emissions modeling, longitudinal travel surveys, vehicle tracking and operations, travel behavior variability. 


City & Regional Planning Faculty:

  • Subhro Guhathakurta   Director, Center for Geographic Information Systems, Professor 404-385-0900
    Expertise: Geographic information systems, Sustainability, Planning support systems, Housing, International development. Full Bio
  • David Lee   Research Scientist II 404-385-5120
    Expertise: Urban modeling; Integration of Land Use and Transportation Modeling; Regional Transportation Planning; Spatial Structure; Geographic Information and Planning Support Systems; Megaregions; Planning Methods. Full Bio
  • Catherine Ross   Director, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development , Harry West Professor 404-385-5130
    Expertise: Megaregions, quality growth, land development, healthy places, community design and architecture, air quality and natural environment. Full Bio
  • Zhaohua Wang   Senior Research Engineer, Center for Geographic Information Systems 404-385-0904
    Expertise: Highway Pavement Management Systems, Highway Pavement Condition Assessment using Sensor Technology, Roadway Asset Inventory and Management Systems, Application of GIS/GPS and Information Technology for Pavement Rehabilitation and Design. Full Bio
  • Tim Welch   Assistant Director, CQGRD, Assistant Professor 404-385-5114
    Expertise: Transportation and land use policy, planning and forecasting, transporation connectivity, equity and environment. Full Bio


College of Computing Faculty

  • Richard Fujimoto  Regents' Professor 404-894-5615
    Expertise: Parallel and distributed simulation systems, telecommunications networks, aviation networks, military networks. Full Bio


Economics Faculty:

  • Thomas "Danny" Boston   Professor 404-894-5020
    Expertise: Quantitative program performance evaluations; minority and small business entrepreneurship; and public housing and community development. Full Bio
  • Vivek Ghosal   Professor and Director of Ph.D. and M.S. Programs 404-894-4910
    Expertise: Antitrust/competition laws and enforcement; business strategy and competitive advantage – innovation, M&As and pricing; public policies towards businesses, and corporate strategy; and firms’ decision-making under uncertainty. Full Bio
  • Patrick McCarthy   Professor, Director of the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies 404-894-4914
    Expertise: Transportation economics, transportation safety, discrete choice analysis, public transit, applied econometrics, government regulation. Full Bio


Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty:

  • Anthony Yezzi   Julian T. Hightower Chair Professor 404-385-1017
    Expertise: Image Processing (particularly medical imaging applications), Computer Vision, Estimation and Control, Computation and algorithms, Applied differential geometry. Full Bio


Industrial and Systems Engineering Faculty

  • Chelsea "Chip" White   Professor, Schneider National Chair in Transportation and Logistics 404-894-2303
    Expertise: Logisitcs, freight, rail, trucking industry studies, freight industry studies, supply chain productivity and risk mitigation. Full Bio


Mechanical Engineering Faculty

  • Jin-Yeon Kim   Researcher 
    Expertise: Applied matheatics, non-equilibrium processes, wave scattering, interface physics, nondestructive evaluation and ultrasonics. Full Bio


Public Policy Faculty:

  • Gordon Kingsley   Associate Professor 404-894-0454
    Expertise: Organizational theory, public administration, science and technology policy, environmental policy. Full Bio
  • Hans Klein   Associate Professor 404-894-2598
    Expertise: Development of large scale systems, federal technology policy, the politics of innovation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, public access television, Internet governance, and on-line democracy. Full Bio


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